Friday, March 27, 2009

Big fish...little fish

This is the big redfish that Brad and Kevin Lawther caught behind our house...He was a big mama jama. The boys didn't have a camera so they raaaan up to the house so we could take a picture and then he was thrown back. One could saw he went to swim with the fishes...but alive. Brad loves to fish and sometimes that man stays on the dock for hours just casting and casting. I have a hammock out back so the bebe and I can swing and relax while diddy fishes. I used to love to fish too, but it's too hard with a baby in one arm. This redfish was the fish Brad has been trying to catch for 2 years. He was too big to keep since in Florida there is a limit. Kevin caught one too...unfortunately, his got thrown back as well. Brad recently won a contest at Bass Pro! They sent him a letter and he won over $500 worth of fishing gear...really! It was not a scam and we picked up his goodies already. My only complaint is ... where is the day spa package for the wife? Dang.

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