Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fishing for dinner

Well, it's official...I have married an outdoors man and he drags me and the baby into his excursions! This is our newest catch, I named him Biff R. Fish. I admit, it is really fun to get out and fish and then eat the yummy fruits of our labor. We often are right beside dolphins out in the bay and they are so magical. They are so used to humans, they will jump, and splash and dive right under your boat. They travel in pods and often have babies with them. That is a real treat. Brad doesn't get nearly as excited since a lot of his job is sitting on a boat spotting dolphins and tracking them. I squeal every time. I admit the first time I saw one I flipped out! We were in a canoe and I was about 7 months pregnant and they came right up to us! I thought for sure they were sharks and we were lunch. Once again, my irrational fears get the best of me.


Paige said...

That would freak me out too, I was even kind of scared at the swim with the dolphin excursion on our honeymoon with a trained nice dolphin.

Allison and Justin said...

You look great.