Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sitting and pulling up!

Riding at the grocery store in style!
In our backyard...7 1/2 months old

I forgot to add...Jack has been sitting up on his own since about 6 months but only if you place him in the sitting position. He crawls everywhere, but only army crawls. Today I went to get him up from his nap and he was blabbering away. I got in the room and he was sitting up on his own! Surprise to me! Also, today he has started pulling up! Geeze this boy wants to walk!!!! He will be 8 months old on April 8th. I call him "OCHO"...since he was born 8-8-08. He gets the idea and can pretty much totally pull up on you if you are laying down. He likes to stand up to look you in the eyes. I was so happy and excited about this, I had to blog! He is changing so fast, and I can't even keep up. The other night we were eating dinner and Jack decided he would rather have the crab legs on my plate than his pureed chicken and green beans. He grabbed it so fast and tried to shove it into his mouth. I know all babies do this with pretty much everything they can find, but it was a sight to see...looked more like that crab was eating my baby's face! Two other things, my little brother Daniel is at Baylor Law right now (I know, we won't judge him for going to Baylor...) and he could use some words of encouragement. If you know him ...please send him a little sentence to lift his spirits. I sent him a billion cookies in the mail today, as I hear he needs fattening up. I think this first semester is a beating, and he stresses out too much. He tries too hard and doesn't accept anything less than perfect. I made him my sugar/cake cookies with all sorts of junk on them. My favorite were the green iced ones that taste like coconut and the yellow lemon iced ones. I had to make these for Baylor! It is much easier to make Baylor themed goodies rather than Aggie ( maroon is a hard color to create) and easier than his undergrad Longhorn orange bologna. Burnt orange is hard to make and... I can't bring myself to create anything having to do with UT!! :)


Paige said...

Beautiful yard and pictures! Poor Daniel, I'll tell Cal to give him a call.

Alyssa and Kevin said...

You crack me up... 2 things... Send Daniel love and??? what was the 2nd thing?
Remind me to call you tomorrow! :) LOVE YOU