Thursday, November 27, 2008

Boo Hoo!

Our computer crashed and ate everything! We lost all of our pictures on Picasa and eeeeevvvvveeeeerrrryyyything!!! I'm so sad and close to tears. Hopefully we can try to get them back. We got a virus and the "=" sign was going everywhere and there was a lot of dinging. The computer was possessed and nearly starting spewing green split pea soup vomit. Ok, that was my way of trying to make myself smile when I just really want to cry!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

our Thanksgiving table

Okay so we are hosting Thanksgiving this year at my house...YIKES! There will be 8 of us...Brad, me, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Janice and Neil and their kiddo Coley ( and baby boy on the way) an my parents-in-law Steve and Carol. Oh, don't forget my baby Jack! He will have to pass on the turkey though and just eat milk. Sorry buddy. Oh and I had to put together the table early because tomorrow will but busy. I am meeting my friend for coffee and orange rolls at her house for some quality mommy to mommy time. She has a one year old named Jackson too. Then I am off to start baking pies with my mother-in-law and then she is having a shrimp boil tomorrow night. Brad's sister and her hubby are coming into town tomorrow night. Fun times.
This is my turkey platter....Brad is brining and then frying a turkey. yummm, that man is a fabulous cook. He pretty much cooks me dinner every night. I wonder how long I can use "taking care of the baby" as an excuse for him to keep cooking!
The table where the food will go to be served.
Our table! It's kind of exciting, it is our first Thanksgiving to cook for our family. Oh and we are on a buuuuuuudget so the decorations had to be creative!
Cranberries, split peas, walnuts and candles.
Funny looking turkey plates...I just like the leaves around the edges.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jack is such a goof!

Jack loves his feet these days and his best buddy Brobee. See all of that slobber? My baby boy starting cutting a tooth at 3 months! Poor mom.... Jack doesn't like pacifiers or teething toys so he bites me! Oh, the wonderful job of being a mommy!
This was about 3 weeks ago...Jack is watching T.V. he loves to watch football and cartoons....really!
Proud diddy with his little boy! We will make him an Aggie yet!
Me and bebe in front of our first fire!
I had to get a picture of the little guy in his red shoes. I have a bandaid on my arm because we got our flu shots.
Jackson is laughing hysterically and me making noises with my lips. At this age, he is so easy to entertain. He smiles when I look at him and gets shy if you point at him. He gets a big grin, puts his hands to his face and turns his head away. He babbles all the time and says mama constantly. Of course, he is not even four months old yet, so sadly he has no idea what he is saying. still drives his daddy nuts. Brad is sure daddy will be his first word. Ha! I get to stay home with Jackaroo and we work on MAMA all day! Jack is starting to get mobile. He rolls over 3-4 times a day and can scoot his body 360 degrees on his back. He loves Brobee on Yo Gabba Gabba and laughs when you growl at him like a puppy. My sister in law finds out today if they are having another girl or a boy...I am so thrilled to have another niece or nephew. I am starting to get jealous of all these pregnant people, so hopefully this little one will satisfy my baby cravings. :) Brad is considering getting me a puppy so I don't get any ideas...just yet!
Happy boy hanging out in his boppy.
Uh oh, this is the face he will make riiiiiight before he melts down. Luckily, he is so easy to turn the other way. This frown can turn into a storm of cries or right into a giggle. What a goober!
The family laying on the floor with bebe. Brad looks like a lumberjack. His excuse last year for the beard was for warmth. He claims it keeps his face warm on the boat when they are doing dolphin surveys in Georgia. Hmmmm, he hasn't been on a dolphin survey since it's been cold this season. He has been fishing a lot on our boat and he goes wakeboarding with our friends even when it's 50 degrees outside. Maybe he needs it for those activities....or maybe he is just a lumberjack.
Getting all geared up to go Christmas shopping in Destin! When we put a hoodie on Jack, I say you are 'so hood' and he thinks that is hilarious. I love that little guy!