Friday, May 15, 2009

Best week ever.

At the birthday party in my shark outfit. It has an adorable blue shark on the bottom.
White cake filled french vanilla and homemade butter cream. Cake is covered in my homemade fondant.
Side of the cake
Choo choo...Ben is two! The birthday cake I made. It took me 24 hours straight...I was up till 6 am this morning!

Jack with his Mimi...he has never taken a pacifier, until he decided he can gnaw on it with his little tooth.

My niece Coley on the day William was born... all the fun girls wear polka dots. She calls me Jo-Jo or Jew-Jew or Juice-Juice!
Brad, Jack and Brad's mom in the hospital in Dallas. I ran into my 7th grad English teacher...weird huh! I was like oh crud.....I am with all of my in-laws...don't mention what a toot I was in class!
At the Coady house at Possum Kingdom Lake.
Uncle Dude Daniel and Jack at Cabela's in Fort Worth.
My new nephew!!! I LOVE him!!!

Oh boy, I have a lot to catch up on. This week I learned how to wakeboard...exhilarating and terrifying. I got up on my 3rd try and my immense fear of sharks was my motivation to get my fanny out of the water and up! It worked! I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time and Jack even watched me the entire time. My last fall was a nasty face plant. I am still so sore today I can barely hobble around. I have signed up to be a volunteer for a sea turtle patrol on a private Air Force beach here in town. I had ATV training out in the woods on military land, and it doubles as a place where old tanks and airplanes go to die. It was eerie and so fun! I got my ATV up to 45 miles an hour and boy...those things are DANGEROUS! Jack will NEVER ride one! :) I also was trained on how to spot sea turtle nests, identify the species and dig for eggs! When the nests start to hatch, I get to hold a baby turtle and help them to the water if need be. I get to do this every Monday from 6am-930am. I love living in this area. What else am I sister-in-law had a new baby...William Maxwell Haworth, Brad and I looked at a house to buy in Niceville, Fl ( I really want Niceville as my address...adorable huh?) and I made a cake for a 2 years old's birthday party on the beach. Jack is doing awesome...he learned to clap and shakes his head "no". He has one tooth ( we call it his egg tooth) and he bites with it! We call him our pitbull. He comes in for a kiss, grabs your cheeks and bites your nose and shakes his head back and forth! What a cute thing...for now. I can just see the call into the principal's office! Jack went swimming in the ocean for the first time today and ate a handful of sand. Brad and I took a jet ski into the ocean. That was uber fun but terrifying. Can you imagine being thrown off into shark water? Jeepers, shark bait...ooohaha.


Alyssa and Kevin said...

more like best month ever!! :) And in less than a month we will totally be with you guys again!

I miss you all so much! Love the pics! Keep 'em coming!

Alyssa and Kevin said...

oh yah.. and you are so FREAK'N TALENTED!!!!

Cortney said...

Hey girl! I found ur blog on ur facebook! Your little boy is precious!!! You look great and so good to see you on here.

Take care,

Alyssa and Kevin said...

your best week ever was 2 months ago... I know you've had great weeks since!! update us please!! :) LOVE & MISS YOU!