Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin patch

Niceville pumpkin patch after church- Jack is 14 months old

He is so excited his fingers are dancing!

Jack's first trip to the Niceville pumpkin patch. He loved the pumpkins all of the attention from his mommy and Nana. Minutes before we were going to take pictures, his little "girlfriend" Bella bit him on the noggin. That's kids and baby love for ya!

One of Jack's usual expressions....always smiling and happy!
A teensy pumpkin for the boy

This is the ultimate Jack face. He is always saying wow! He is amused by everyday life and everything around him. He is so much fun to take new places....his reactions are priceless.

Just in from the ocean...this is from my friend Sarah's wedding.


Paige said...

So good to see you are posting again! I see so much of you in your precious son! Too bad we couldn't make it to florida this summer, maybe next???

the tatsaks said...

He is SO cute!!! I love all of his expressions!